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15 ноября 2013 объявлены победители 11-й Премии Золотой PROпеллер.


Yaroslav Laguta

Yaroslav Laguta

Managing partner agency INSIGHT communications


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Entries are open until October 11, 2013 (inclusive)

There is a fee applied to every entry within the 11th Golden PROpeller International Marketing Services Awards.

Entry fee (1 work in 1 category)  UAH EUR RUB
To be paid until October 11, 2013 1 500,00


    • Submission of 3 and more entries
    • IAMI members (full)

* Discount for the number of entries and entrant status discount are summed up
**RАMS – Russian Association of Marketing Services; ARCA – Association of Russian Communications Agencies

All entries not paid for as at October 11, 2013 will be disqualified from the competition and will not be considered by the Jury.

An agency whose project made it to the shortlist will be awarded one free accreditation for all the activities within the Award Ceremony on November 15, 2013.

How to register and submit your entry:

  1. Register on the Awards official webpage here and fill out all the necessary application forms.
  2. Upload your entry (presentation, poster) via the webpage not later than October 11, 2013. Entrants are free to edit uploaded files related to their entry until 18:00 UTC October 11, 2013.
  3. After uploading your entry, you’ll be able to generate an invoice and download the Awards Participation Agreement form. If you are a non-resident, payment documents will be provided to you by the project coordinator Tatiana Mekhed  mekhed@mami.com.ua.
  4. One entry shall mean a single project developed and carried out by the entrant. One entry may be submitted in several categories, in which case standard entry fee will be applied for each additional category.
  5. Entrant is responsible for all expenses related to sending and/or delivering entry materials and any other correspondence to the address of the Awards’ Steering Committee.
  6. Authors of shortlisted works will receive additional written recommendations regarding the public presentation procedure for their projects.
  7. ALL entries will be published in the Works Catalog on the Awards webpage after November 15, 2013. Agencies may not refuse the publication.

Material requirements:

  1. Entries must be submitted in 2 mandatory formats: main presentation (video-presentation) and project presentation poster. Each file should not exceed 20 Mb.
  2. Main presentation must be submitted in PowerPoint or video format (MPEG 4 or QuickTime Movie, 720р, H.264 codec, bit rate – more than 1 Mbit/s, duration – 5 minutes or less). Files should not exceed 20 Mb. Examples
  3. Presentation poster must contain information on the campaign’s key components: goals, solutions, results, and supporting illustrations. Format –- JPG, color profile - RGB, resolutionь - 150 dpi, larger side’s resolution – 1772 pixels. Orientation – horizontal. Examples
  4. To be eligible for the competition, a project must have been completed between January 1, 2012 and October 1, 2013 and not submitted for the past Golden PROpeller. Entry files should not exceed 20 Mb.

Project Presentation. Key Contents:

  1. Project title that you indicate while filling out an application must have the following structure: млении заявки на подачу работ, должен быть структурирован следующим образом:
    • Project name (format+name)
    • Brand/company name (client)
    • Agency name
    Sample title: Program for Supporting Brand’s Introduction into the Market “Phone for a Cent” for “Mobilochka” Retail Network. Green Hall   
    Note: Wrong title may cause troubles in identifying your project!
  2. Goals set by a client
  3. Project timeframe
  4. Sales promotion techniques and tools applied
  5. Coverage (project scale: district-, city-, country- wide)
  6. Description of how the project was carried out (containing the list of works performed in order to complete the project)
  7. Project’s formal results
  8. Project’s economy with an indication of the project's approximate budget (if possible).

The above project contents are not definitive. You are free to provide any additional information that you feel might give the judges a better view of your project.

For inquiries please refer to the project coordinator Tatiana Mekhed: tel. +38 044 537 57 60 (ext.730), cell: +38 067 657 24 02, mekhed@mami.com.ua.